In Conversation: Bernie Slater

Libby O’Loghlin interviews an Australian visual artist with a keen interest in the power of multiples, and the notion of printmaking as a democratic and accessible medium with the power to engender social change.

Visual Artist Bernie Slater

Bernie Slater. Photo by David Broker.

You started down the visual arts trail as a comics and zine-maker when you were in high school, inspired by punk rock, zines and self-publishing: so-called ‘alternative creative practises’. Tell us a bit about what attracted you initially to this form of expression?

Growing up as a punk rock kid, I remember a line from one of Jello Biafra’s (Dead Kennedys) spoken word CDs—he said ‘Don’t hate the media, become the media’. For me this was a revelatory comment. Punk rock showed me that it was okay to operate outside of and against the mainstream, and that resisting prescribed culture could be fun. The DIY ethic Continue reading

In Conversation: Orna Ross

December, 2012

Jill Prewett talks to Orna Ross,  founder and director of ALLi (The Alliance of Independent Authors) and successful author of fiction, non-fiction and poetry. 

Orna Ross, author

Image courtesy: Orna Ross

Firstly, tell us a little about the Alliance. What is it?

The Alliance is a writers association, a non-profit organisation for self-publishing writers. It provides support, guidance, advice, contacts, advocacy and connection as well as  fostering excellence and advancing the interests of self-publishers.

We welcome any indie author interested in working together in a spirit of mutual co-operation and empowerment. And, of course, service to the reading and writing community.

Why did you decide to found such an organisation?

I’d been a writer for 22 years when I self-published my first ebook and, from the off, I just loved it. Not just because the books sold more than they had before but mainly for the way it restored to me something I’d lost by working within corporate structures.

For a writer with a passionate interest in the creative process Continue reading