Switzerland, ISBNs and Authors

Jill Prewett (who indie publishes as JJ Marsh) gives a round-up of the information she shared at TIPE (The Independent Publishing Event)

January 2013, Zürich

Old Book Press in Schiers, Switzerland

Image: Libby O’Loghlin

As Swiss ALLi rep, I’ve had a lot of enquiries about the ISBN – International Standard Book Number.  Here are some answers.

An ISBN identifies your book, like a fingerprint. If you’re based in Switzerland, you need to apply for Swiss ISBNs. Those with an address in the UK, US, Australia, etc, can apply via those countries. In Britain, you have to buy a batch of 10. The US, Australia and Switzerland allow you to buy individual ISBNs but do remember that you will need a different number for each format, paperback, Kindle ebook, Smashwords ebook. Also a single ISBN costs 115CHF, whereas 10 cost Continue reading