Gallery: Borders

JJ Marsh talks with Paul Neale about red lines and coded environments, fractured figures and distorted bodies, and how he works and plays with pre-existing imagery. You can read the interview here.



Gallery: Down the Rabbit Hole

You can read the interview with this issue’s featured artist, Craig Kirkwood here.

Gallery: Money

This season’s gallery is a selection of paintings by Kaye Llewelyn, from her beautiful children’s picture book, Pocket Money. You can read the full interview with Kaye here.

Gallery: Displacement I

Read the full Q&A with Juliana Barbassa, journalist and travel writer, where she discusses displacement, writing, and Joan Didion.

Gallery: Adaptation

The images in this month’s gallery are from Switzerland’s largest transmedia project, Polder. You can read the full story about the rural and urban alternate reality games, the feature film, the concept and the project’s director and producer, Samuel Schwarz here.

Gallery: Tandem

Zürich-based Martina Bisaz is known for her Instagramming collaborations and landscapes that often include her little Fiat car.

Read the full interview with Martina.

Gallery: Plunder

Antonio Scarponi, founder of Conceptual Devices, is an Italian architect and designer currently based in Zürich. Read the full interview with Antonio here.


Gallery: The Measure of Success

Sandra Ondraschek-Norris is a visual artist, originally from Ireland, who now lives in the greater Zürich area. She is known for her landscape paintings, at once both confining and infinite; a source of melancholy and possibility. She works with acrylic on canvas.

You can read the full interview with Sandra HERE