Context: Crossings

old-school steam train shot from above


A migrant’s tale: Shaun Tan’s graphic novel, The Arrival. A moving outsider’s tale with barely a word in sight.

Where to read online:

Synaesthesia – crossing senses. Check out the worlds of David Eagleman, expert on the idiosyncrasies of the brain.

Coney. “The experience starts when you first hear about it, and only ends when you stop thinking and talking about it.

Playing at it:


Respect for Translators. “The paradox about literary translation is that the better it is, the more invisible it gets.” —Author Inka Parei

An experiment in languages. Multiples. “It is possible to translate a story whose language the translator does not speak.”


“It all started with a book, a bag and a banana …”

Quotable chocolate bars (ssh – it’s not Swiss)

Classic Kindle covers: To Kill A Mockingbird, Peter Pan, Pride and Prejudice

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